Dr. An Aerts

Dr. An Aerts graduated as a MSc in Bioscience Engineering at the Belgian KULeuven in 2003. She obtained a PhD in 2007 at the same university at the Centre of Microbial and Plant Genetics, and worked here an additional year as a postdoc associate. 


In 2008, she was hired by the Belgian Nuclear Research Center SCK•CEN in the Expert group Molecular and Cellular Biology - Unit Radiobiology. Currently, Dr. Aerts coordinates two research lines: (i) Assessment of cardiovascular risks after exposure to ionizing radiation and (ii) Preclinical investigations of radiopharmaceuticals. She guides about 3 PhD students and 4 MSc students each year on these topics, who are regularly awarded with grants or prizes. Research is embedded in SCK•CEN internal projects, as well as national projects or Tasks within European projects. Dr. Aerts is (co)author of 35 journal articles and has delivered near 150 conference presentations. In 2017, Dr. An Aerts was winner of the prestigious MELODI award, from the European platform for low dose ionizing radiation research, for the above-mentioned combined research.


In addition, Dr. Aerts is an active teaching member of the SCK•CEN Academy, and is regularly asked as expert speaker for dedicated trainings. Finally, Dr. Aerts is an appointed expert for the Belgian Superior Health Council, working group on ionizing radiation, and a member of the Translational Molecular Imaging & Therapy committee of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine EANM.