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Radiobiology of Molecular Radionuclide Therapy

European Working Group

Connecting people in MRT radiobiology

Now is an extraordinary time for the multidisciplinary field of molecular radionuclide therapy (MRT). We have to join forces for increased efforts into researching the radiobiology of MRT.

MRT allows specific irradiation of localised and disseminated disease with potentially fewer side effects than external beam radiotherapy (EBRT). However, a better understanding of the radiobiology, i.e. of the biological effects of ionising radiation of MRT agents, is needed.

Radiobiology has been key in establishing optimal treatment regimens for EBRT whilst protecting healthy tissues. However, it is now understood that extrapolation of radiobiology of EBRT to MRT is not straightforward. A better understanding of the radiobiology of MRT is needed to optimise existing and new MRT strategies to their maximal clinical potential, efficacious in tumour cure whilst simultaneously safe for normal organs.

So, calling all researchers in radiobiology and MRT, if you are interested in helping to establish a tight community with the aim to increase the input of radiobiology in existing and new MRT, do join us (email), so we may foster radiobiology-oriented research in MRT by launching new funded research programs, organizing symposia together with education training.

Please read our letter to the editor published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (link to letter).

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