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We are a team of 10 Postdocs and PhD students that answered to the request of supporting the European Working Group of Radiobiology of MRT community during the 2nd International Workshop on Radiobiology of Molecular Radiotherapy, organized in London in March 2023. 

The aim of the group is to build a network of scientists (focusing on the early career researchers) working in the MRT field, learn from each other, exchange career opportunities and establish professional relations for the future. Moreover, we aim to engage cancer patients and the public to raise general awareness about our research topics. 

To start working on our aim, we will reach you out through a newsletter, social media and involving you in a series of webinars that put in the spotlight the work of Early Career Researchers and inspire us through talks from Senior researchers. 

PhD students and postdocs… don’t hesitate to join us!! You can contact us at: or visit our LinkedIn page

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