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April 2024

White paper "Unlocking the full potential of cancer treatments using targeted radionuclide therapy through Netherlands-UK partnerships"

Samantha Terry and Julie Nonnekens took the lead in writing a recently published white paper stating the need to investigate the use of radioactive cancer-targeted drugs to improve cancer treatments and are calling for further funding. We have called for support to to enable UK/NL collaborations, however see this as a larger call to action to policy makers and funders to support collaborations across all areas and countries. Progress in radiobiological research for targeted radionuclides therapies will progress quickest through collaborations.

The white paper outlines three strategic recommendations to achieve this ambition:

  1. Strategically allocate funding to enhance mechanistic understanding of targeted radioactive drugs.

  2. Facilitate UK-NL clinical trials in targeted radionuclide therapies.

  3. Coordinate training initiatives.

To read and endorse the white paper, please go to

Steve Archibald, King’s College London, UK
Sean Collins, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Bart Cornelissen, UMC Groningen, the Netherlands
Mark Gaze, University College London, UK
Wim Oyen, Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem, the Netherlands
Mark Konijnenberg, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Daphne Lobeek, Radboud UMC, the Netherlands
Edward O’Neill, Oxford University, UK
Steffie Peters, Radboud UMC, the Netherlands
Giuseppe Schettino, National Physical Laboratory, UK
Jane Sosabowski, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Tim Smith, Bangor University, University of Manchester, UK
Alexander Turkin, Oncode Institute, the Netherlands
Katherine Vallis, Oxford University, UK
Jennifer Young, King’s College London, UK

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